Sanwa M17 Radio + RX-491 Receiver (deposit price 40€,final price 510-550€, July in stock*)

Price without VAT (sales tax): 33,10 €

Your price: 40 €

  • Producer: SANWA Electronic
  • Catalog number: 101A32471A
  • Guarantee (months): 24
  • Delivery time (days): 1
  • Amount in stock: >10 x

*40 eur is not full price of M17, it is only deposit for pre-order from first batch. Your deposit will be deducted from final price (in range of 510-550€). Deposit 40 EUR is non-refundable. By pre-ordering M17 you agree with these terms. In stock July.

Final price: 510-550€

In stock: July