Arrowmax Alu Tray with LED Pit Lamp for Set-Up System Black Golden

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The all new Arrowmax led pit lamp and setup system Tray. After the successful v1 pit lamp, Arrowmax introduce an all new version of the pit lamp even more fitted for your pit table. Incorporating 32 high-powered LED’s using around 11 watts power, the LED pit lamp provide 3 color temperature and 6 step brightness. Another feature is the 270 degree adjustable angle to point at your pit. The dual power input allow you to use a 12v power source or just regular 7.4v or 11.1v lipo pack. You can also use a power bank along with the USB input to power the led pit lamp. Together with Arrowmax black golden signature, it's a must have item in your pit table. 

Along with Led pit light, Arrowmax release the alum. Black golden setup system tray. This part tray is design to fit all of the Arrowmax setup system from 1/12th - 1/8th. With extra compartment to hold other accessories such as the setup wheel, and setup button. Finish with the signature black golden double anodize. Its a clean and organized way for your pit table.