Awesomatix AM19-FX-US - Upper Arm Holder (2pcs)

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Upper Arm Holder for A800FX FWD and A800MMX car.

AM19-FX-US provide exact same geometry as AM19-FX. 
This new part is made from 3mm thick 7075 T6 high grade alloy, which mean it's 0,25mm thicker than AM19-FX. 
To keep same rollcenters on toplinks like with AM19-FX its needed to run 0,25mm less shims under ST24 Ball Studs.

Info: Parts with "US" designation are especially designed for the use at tracks with hard boards/barriers. 
During the different design compared to the standard parts, the "US" parts are more reliable at impacts. 
Basically these optional parts are a bit more heavy than standard parts. 

Contains 2pcs.