Axial AE-3 Vanguard ESC Brushless EXO RTR

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Axial’s new AE-3 Vanguard brushless ESC delivers smooth power at all times. Numerous programmable features let you fine tune your set-up to perfectly match any conditions. Superior power and efficiency over standard brushed motors to help you leave the competition in the dust! Manufactured by Castle Creations.

  • 2S and 3S Lipo compatible when used with our Vanguard motor (Not all brushless motors are 3S compatible, so be sure to double check the manufacturer’s battery limits for their individual motors)
  • Lipo cutoff is set to “ON” from  the factory
  • ESC can be programmed manually via Castle Field Programming Card or through the Castle Link software interface.
  • Integrated heatsinks help dissipate excess heat
  • Simple initial throttle and brake programming 
  • Standard Deans® Ultra Plug® included
  • 4mm female bullet connectors for simple plug and play applications
  • Compatible with brushed or brushless motors (Set-up for brushless from the factory)
Programmable Features:
  • Brake/Reverse Type – sets ESC’s reverse mode, and how it is applied. Reverse can also be disabled.
  • Brake Amount – sets the percentage of braking power at full brake. Low-grip surfaces will require less braking power to stay in control, especially when entering corners.
  • Reverse Amount – sets the percentage of power applied when reversing, if reverse mode is enabled. Lower percentage for less speed, higher percentage for more speed.
  • Punch/Traction Control – sets the percentage of power applied at start-up. Use less power for low-grip surfaces, use more power for high-grip surfaces.
  • Drag Brake – sets the percentage of brake that is automatically applied at neutral throttle. Brushless motors have a lot less drag than brushed motors. This mode allows fine tuning to match the slight braking effect of a brushed motor at neutral. Higher percentage of drag brake will give you more braking power at neutral throttle.
  • Dead Band – sets throttle sensitivity from the neutral position. Less dead band gives a more instant throttle response. More dead band yields a less instant throttle response.
  • Cut-Off Voltage – sets the voltage threshold at which the ESC removes power from the motor. For use with Lipo batteries to retain a safe minimum voltage. This feature can be turned off for use with standard NiMH packs. High capacity NiMH packs (5000mah or higher) are recommended for best results.
  • Motor Timing – sets the timing advance on the motor to reduce or increase amp draw, run time, motor/battery temperatures, top speed and punch. Great for fine tuning performance.
Voltage Input2S-3S LiPo (7.4V-11.1V); 6-10 NiCd/NiMH (7.2V-12V)
BEC3A @ 2S input
Current Ratingup to 100A
Dimensions1.95 x 1.51 x 0.83 in (49.5mm x 38mm x 21mm)
Weight2.1 oz (62g)
Motor Wires4mm female bullet connectors
Battery Wires13AWG 4.72 in (120mm), with Deans® Ultra Plug®
Receiver Wire10 3/4 in (273mm), with universal radio connector
Motor Limiton 2S/4200kV Max; on 3S/2900kV Max
Protectionslow voltage cutoff, thermal protection

Please note it is very important to monitor ESC and motor temps during your first initial run to ensure temperatures remain reasonable. If temps are too high under normal conditions try changing the overall gear ratio with either a smaller pinion or a bigger spur gear.