Bittydesign LSM19 1/12 Pancar Ultra Lite Weight Body

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The LSM19 project express the desire to create something different on the market thanks to some aerodynamic solutions that make the body immediately recognizable due to its futuristic lines and a placement of the cab never seen before in this category.

The unconventional

We like to think differently and adopt aesthetic and aerodynamic solutions that deviate from the "standard", for this reason, inspired by the latest futuristic projects and concepts of the most important car manufacturers we have decided to create a body that encloses these innovative elements.

The forward placement of the cab is the element that identifies the design, giving the body not only a scenic and aesthetic detail different from the usual but also reflects on the performance on the track.

Developed for pure performance

During the design stage, the attention was focused not only on aesthetics but especially on the surfaces and forms designed to obtain the best possible performance.

The design has been adapted to meet the specs of the 1/12 Pan-car class, the introduction of a generous front split and the advanced cab increase the steering and the closing of the model close to the slow turns, the two side bulkheads placed in the mid body contain the air flow that flows more to the rear increasing stability and balancing the body as a whole.


The body it's UNIVERSAL and fit all the 1/12 Pan-car chassis on the market; it respect all the international specs of the category and it's Efra approved.

  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • Produced in Light Weight version as well Ultra Lite (ULT)
  • Sold clear with protective film outside
  • Included in the package a decal sheet pre-cut and windows mask