Yokomo BD9 Front Bone (38.5mm) Double Joint Universal

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It is a 38.5 mm dog bone 1 mm shorter than the standard (39.5 mm) and is used to make the clearance with the joint cup proper when narrowing the space between the inner suspensions with the suspension mount setting.

Standard uses the suspension mount B at the front, but depending on the situation, using the suspension mount A, narrowing the front to narrow tread, or narrowing the space between the suspension pins, the wheel hub was changed to thick one to keep the tread width We may set up to enlarge the scrub radius. It is an effective setting on outdoor asphalt roads with a low grip, but the former narrow tread is getting better in the first half of the corner and the latter scrub radius change turns like firmly bending in the second half of the corner.

In all cases, the entire suspension arm including the universal shaft becomes inward, and in some circumstances the tip of the dog bone may interfere with the back of the joint cup during suspension operation, so use this short dog bone to ensure clearance please do it.