Bittydesign Iron 1/10 Truck 190mm Body

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IRON, welcome to the future

The IRON project has been made with the collaboration of expert industrial designer, it took several months to develop a product that can combine at best a stunning look and best performance at same time.

The Art of Making

The IRON project represents the highest level in the RC industry in terms of research, development and engineering. We haven't set any limit and with the help of expert team of engineers we have developed a brand new product that features amazing details in terms aesthetic and aerodynamic.

A parternship with Italian leading CNC factory allowed to obtain the maximum level of precision and quality possible today; we are proud supporters of the real Made in Italy based on the creation, passion and pure innovation.

Developed for maximum performance

The design of the IRON body shell represents the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance, it took several months to optimize every detail in the smallest particular.

The result is a 190mm Truck body shell with an amazing look, every detail has been treated manically in order to create a product that not only can leave you speechless each time you use it but that could combine not only the aesthetics but also even the pure performance, for this reason the center of gravity has been lowered as much as possible to optimize the performance of the model.


The body shell meet the specifications needed to participate in any 1/10 Truck race in the world.

  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • Included in the kit a complete set of screw, nuts, clips and aluminium black washers to fix properly the rear wing, the backwall of the cab and the rear 3D bumper diffuser
  • Included an Instruction Manual for the correct cut and installation of the multiple parts of the body
  • Sold clear with protective film outside
  • Included in the package a decal sheet pre-cut and windows mask

3D Cad design & engineering

In order to respect our quality standards, we have not set any limits and we have realized the IRON project with the use of the most advanced graphics and Cad design; this process guarantees a perfect execution of the forms and details that high-tech machinery realize with 5-axis CNC milling machines.

The product we deliver in the hands of the enthusiast represents the best available on the market today, we exploit and make full use of the most advanced technology to guarantee a result that represents at best the Italian manufacturing excellence.

Installation of rear 3D bumper

The completeness and richness of the IRON product means that included in the package there is also a 3D rear bumper to be installed separately; its assembly is not mandatory but it is an optional choice depending on the desire to keep the original rear bumper flat installed rather than removing it making room for the installation of the three-dimensional bumper which represents the best in terms of aesthetics and realism.

Installation of rear wing (optional) 

Included in the package you will also find a wing that we designed to increase the airflow and rear stability; its installation is NOT mandatory, the choice to install or not this aerodynamic appendix remains of the customer, the purists of the category will not install it keeping the original aesthetics of the truck. 

For those who, instead, aim for maximum performance at the expense of aesthetic realism, the installation of the wing can generate a superior performance; the wing can be cut with a lowered profile (Low downforce) and a raised profile (High downforce) to generate more or less high air load.

Configuration of the cab

The design of the cab required a considerable study of the rotation and fixing system with the truck body; for this purpose we have developed two different configurations shown in the images.

  • The "standard" configuration is the most realistic and involves the installation of the rear panel of the cab (with a small opening necessary for the passage of the hand to fix the body to the chassis with 2 front clips) which is fixed to the body with two NOT-tight screws that allow it to rotate, creating a further passage for the hand; once installed the clips of the front body post holes of the model the cabin must be lowered and locked with two additional clips in the special aluminum fixing washers included in the body kit
  • The "secondary" configuration provides, instead, a different and less realistic solution: the front fixing screws of the cab are tightened strongly with the body, the rotation of the cab is no longer possible and it is necessary to enlarge the hole of the rear panel for allow the passage of the hand (which will have to fix the body to the model with the front clips hidden under the cabin)