Dirt-Tech Foam Grip Gray (2pcs·Fits: Sanwa, Futaba, KO and Spektrum radios)

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Handling the steering wheel is easy with the release of the Dirt-Tech foam grip.  The durable, gray colored material made famous as tire inserts has now reached the all important steering wheel for radios.   Specifically designed for the Sanwa | Airtronics M12, the Dirt-Tech steering grip has a convenient size which allows for use on multiple radios including Futaba, KO and Spektrum. 

The outer diameter has a neutral size which gives drivers great control regardless of hand gripping size.  Justified toward the outside section, revolved cuts identify the wheel as being Dirt-Tech but also provide an additional feel.  Orient the grip in the opposite direction to place the revolved cuts just under the finger tips.  Control with style, add JConcepts.


Installation – simply slide off the stock grip and clean the exposed plastic wheel and allow to dry.  Slide on the Dirt-Tech grip and in most cases the press fit should be enough to hold in place.  If the new foam grip has any slip it can be tacked in to place with a medium viscosity CA glue.



·         Medium | Firm density material and construction

·         Outside justified revolved cuts for optional feel

·         Versatile size, shape and profile, fits vast majority radios

·         Contoured and precise manufacturing

·         Gray color for easy identification

·         2pcs

·         Fits: Sanwa, Futaba, KO and Spektrum radios