Futaba 4GRS Radio + R304SB Receiver (with telemetry)

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This is Futaba 4GRS 2.4Ghz T-FHSS w/R304SB Radio System. Completely newest stick 4 channel radio. 4GRS has a great number of features which live up to as a new model. T-FHSS system has super response and speed which is standard for top drivers. Of it's telemetry system bring a lot of benefit for a race drivers. 4GRS appeals strong presence among stick surface radio.

  • T-FHSS(Telemetry system) / S-FHSS / FHSS
  • S.BUS2
  • Backlit 128x64 LCD Screen
  • 40 model Memory
  • 10 Character Model Name
  • Menu Selection
  • Brake mixing for large cars (BRAKE)
  • 4WS mixing for crawlers and other 4WS type (4WS)
  • Dual ESCs mixing for crawlers cars (DUAL ESC)
  • Gyro mixing (GYRO MIX)
  • CPS-1 mixing (CPS MIX)
  • Advanced Breaking System(A.B.S)
  • Throttle acceleration (ACCEL)
  • Throttle speed (SPEED)
  • Steering speed (SPEED)
  • Racing timer (TIMER)
  • Digital trim
  • Function select switch / dial function (TRIM DIAL)
  • MC Link Function
  • Adjustable Trigger Position
  • Tension adjustment function
  • Mechanical ATL Adjustment
  • Display switch
  • Throttle Neutral switchable. (Ratchet, 5:5, 7:3)
  • Futaba 4GRS 2.4Ghz T-FHSS (1 pc)
  • R304SB Receiver (1 pc)
  • Manual