Futaba SBS-01V Voltage Telemetry Sensor (0-100V) S.Bus2

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This SBS-01V Voltage Sensor is used in conjunction with a telemetry enabled transmitter/receiver, is used to indicate the voltage of the item to which it is attached.

Although the telemetry receiver of Futaba's has a function which measures voltage, if SBS-01V is used, it can measure more battery voltage. To maximize your enjoyment, and to ensure proper sensing, please read through this manual thoroughly.

SBS-01V measures two voltage. One corresponds to high voltages, such as a drive battery, with an EXT line. However, processing shown in the next is required. Another is a normal line and is measurement of the battery for receivers of a line connected to 3P connector, or the battery for servos.

UseVoltage sensor
Range [EXT line Voltage]0.0 - 100.0V
Range [Normal line Voltage]3.5V - 8.4V (It measures to the first decimal place)
VoltageDC 3.7-7.4V