HPI Venture Scale Builder Kit

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The Venture is the ultimate adventure-ready scale RC trail truck, and now it's available in a build-it-yourself version, ready for you to completely customize into your ultimate off-road vehicle. Developed from the ground up to be the most advanced and driver-friendly scaler truck available, the Venture is the perfect trail companion for anyone from weekend ramblers to globe-trotting adventure heroes! Whether you're driving up a mountain, crossing rocky streams or just taking it on a trail drive, the Venture can handle it all.

To make the Venture the best in class scale truck, the chassis features a formed steel chassis that encloses a realistic front-motor position with an all metal-gear transmission and full-time 4WD drivetrain with a central transfer case, plus a scale suspension featuring dual stage, oil-filled, coil-over shocks and sturdy off-road axles with full-time locked differentials.

The build-it-yourself Venture SBK includes official HPI options such as rebuildable front universal driveshafts, aluminum lower links for confidence over rough terrain, 4-link rear for increased articulation and traction, plus hidden axle weights for increased stability with a lowered center of gravity (CG). As you assemble the kit from the fully detailed assembly instructions, you can modify the truck if you wish, or add extra options and accessories as you go. 

The Venture Scale Builder Kit is supplied in kit form only, ready for your own choice of motor, servo, speed controller, wheels, tires, body, and bumpers, so YOU can instantly have the most customized truck possible. Are you looking for the pre-built and Ready To Run (RTR) version of the Venture? Check out the #118146 Matte Black, #116558 Gunmetal, or #117165 Sandstorm RTR Venture trucks!

  • Full-time 4WD 1/10 scale off-road truck kit - you build yourself!
  • Formed steel C-channel chassis rails 
  • Front and rear bumper mounts to fit bumpers of your choice
  • Adjustable rock rail side sliders help the truck get over tough obstacles
  • Front-mount motor and transmission position for ultimate scale realism
  • Front weight bias improves climbing traction and provides more realistic driving
  • All-metal gear drivetrain for extreme durability
  • Central transfer case with slider driveshafts to front and rear differentials
  • Transfer case prevents motor stall for the best climbing action
  • Transfer case also straightens & lowers center driveshafts for more efficient power transfer
  • Axles feature small diff case or "pumpkin" size for best possible ground clearance
  • Aluminum differential pumpkin covers
  • Locked differentials for superb off-road climbing traction
  • 12mm aluminum hex hubs to fit any available crawler wheels
  • Shock towers have multiple mounting positions to allow for wheelbase options
  • BTA (Behind The Axle) steering linkage for improved approach and departure angles
  • Panhard bar for scale looks and optimized geometry with zero bump steer
  • Zero Ackermann high steer knuckle design for improved obstacle clearance and tighter turning radius
  • 3-link front triangulated suspension
  • 4-link rear triangulated suspension
  • Oil-filled aluminum coil-over shock absorbers (63-90mm stroke)
  • Adjustable threaded shock bodies for quick ride height changes
  • Dual-stage shock springs
  • Aluminum lower link/shock mounts
  • Aluminum Panhard mounts
  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo) realistic steering setup
  • Adjustable body mounting to fit any style of off-road body (truck or SUV)
  • Fully braced rear body mounts
  • Full set of ball bearings
  • Protective case for receiver
  • Antenna mount

with #117365 FJ Cruiser body and #116852 & #116853 bumper Type 1 sets

  • Length: 527mm (20.7")
  • Width: 227mm (9")
  • Height: 238mm (9.4") with roof rack, 217mm (8.5") without (will vary depending on tire choice and suspension settings)
  • Wheelbase: 311mm (12.3")
  • Front overhang: 101mm (3.9")
  • Rear overhang: 135mm (5.3")


  • Running weight: 2.4kg (5.3lbs) (approximate - will vary depending on your choice of electronics)

with #116852 & #116853 bumper Type 1 sets - will vary depending on your choice of bumpers

  • Break-over angle: 44.5 degrees
  • Approach angle: 55 deg
  • Departure angle: 45.5 deg
  • Max climb angle: 49 deg
  • Max tilt angle: 28 deg
  • Axle articulation: 30 deg
  • Ground clearance 68mm capable: (2.7")
  • Ground clearance at standard ride height 60mm: (2.4")
  • Axle ground clearance 32mm: (1.3") 


  • Drivetrain ratio: 7.6:1
  • Transmission gearing: 1.53:1
  • Axle gearing: 3.31:1
  • Transfer case gearing: 1.5:1