JConcepts RM2 (Ryan Maifield) Aluminum Camber Gauge 120mm

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The next generation of 1/8th off-road racing revolves around setup, precision, and accuracy. The RM2 camber gauge manufactured from billet aluminum material is brilliantly machined to high specifications and anodized to a luster. The detailed instrument is available in red anodizing and laser etched with graduated measurements from -10 to +10 degrees for a complete range of camber adjustments.

The 1/8th camber gauge is 120mm in height and is perfect for the larger tired buggies, trucks, and other vehicles on the market. The unit arrives preassembled with 4mm hardware for the pivot and thumbscrew as the setting knob. The structure features chamfered silver edging, highlighting the design. The alignment arm on the gauge is heavily chamfered which creates the perfect touch point against the tire and wheel. Each gauge comes in a latch box with foam insert which fits snugly around the instrument with heavy cushion. When racing gets serious, get precise with JConcepts.

Every setup sheet contains camber information and the only way to achieve it properly is with a trusty gauge. The gauge simply operates with 2 pivoting pieces which can be secured by using the thumbscrew. Checking the camber starts by setting the vehicle at running height on a flat surface and viewing, by eye, the front-end of the vehicle. If the visual camber is close, slide the gauge over to the base of the front tire and pivot the arm up until it touches the tire or wheel surface. At the touch point, secure the thumb screw on the gauge and check the etched marking. Adjust the camber link turnbuckles and repeat for all 4 corners until the desired camber is achieved.

To set camber, secure the thumbscrew on the etched number which is preferred. Slide the gauge over to the base of the front tire and watch for the touch point of the gauge against the tire. If the gauge touches at the top first, you must add negative camber to get within the range of your setting. If the gauge touches at the bottom first, you will need to add positive camber to move within range. After adjustments are made, fine tune until the tire rests top and bottom against the gauge and repeat for all 4 corners until the desired camber is achieved.

  • Pre-assembled, lightweight, aluminum construction
  • 120mm height for 1/8th buggy sized tires
  • Available as red anodized
  • Laser etched graduated measurements
  • Highly chamfered alignment arm as a touch off point
  • Chamfer highlighted edging
  • Included latch box with foam cushion