JConcepts RM2 (Ryan Maifield) Flywheel Wrench

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With the popularity of the 4-shoe clutch design, it is now more necessary than ever to have a wrench handy to assemble things correctly. Ryan Maifield, combined with the designers at JConcepts, have developed a simple and handy tool for the nitro racers toolbox. The all-aluminum, CNC machined part is precision manufactured to close tolerances to ensure a tight and clean fit for a variety of 4-shoe clutches on the market.

During a routine event, it is common for racers such as Ryan to disassemble and assemble the clutch several times during a weekend for proper maintenance or tuning needs. For consistency and longevity, its best to use a tool which provides the same touch and feel each time during tear downs and build-ups. Proper care, and a schedule which can be repeated, always lead to better finishing results. The RM2 flywheel wrench enables the racer to check another easy to use, assembly and maintenance tool off the list.

Compatible with the following models:
  • Team Associated 4-shoe clutch
  • TLR 4-shoe clutch
  • ProTek RC 4-shoe clutch
  • XRAY 4-shoe clutch
  • Tekno 4-shoe clutch