Mighty Gripper V3 Red additive (For Oily Track Surface)

Mighty Gripper
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NASA RC Fuel and Chemical introduces the new Mighty Gripper V3 Red. Based on the popular Mighty Gripper V2 Red, NASA has finally created a new V3 Red formula that surpasses the V2 Red performance.

The Mighty Gripper V3 Red has been tested around the world including tracks with super high grip in Yatabe Japan and TITC Thailand. The Mighty Gripper V3 Yellow and V3 Blue will also continue in production as this formula is still suitable in many tracks depending on the track conditions.

Mighty Gripper Additives Comparison Chart:
ColorPropertiesGrip PowerSustainability
(of each apply)
FlowDust ResistanceApplication Time
(before run)


For High Grip Track:
It has most flowing cornering speed in the very high grip condition.
WeakestStandardHighestLow3 - 10 minAll Rubber tires
All Foam tires


For Tire Preparation:
This has Strongest grip in all Mighty Gripper's line-up.
StrongestShortLowLow10 sec to 1 minAll Rubber tires
All Foam tires


For Oily Track Surface:
This made of oily track and low traction track. Effective for Tamiya and Ride tires.
Medium StrongLongStandardStandard1 - 5 minAll Rubber tires
All Foam tires
Tamiya tires
Ride tires


Most Sharp Handling:
Stock class special. Based on Yellow. Able to add grip for sideways more. Sharpest.
StrongLongHighHigh3 - 5 minAll Rubber tires
All Foam tires


Balance Grip and Flow:
Good to use for high power class. Used of new materials. This has flow and stability together.
StrongLongestHighHigh3 - 10 minAll Rubber tires
All Foam tires


Balance grip and flow:
Good to use for High Power Class. Used of new materials, This had flow and stability together.
Strongest at out door trackLongestStandardHighest1 - 3 minStrongest grip at duty condition. Longest effect at all around.
Cook by tire warmer make additional grip.