Nosram HD TC Spec Brushless Speed Control

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Nosram proudly announces the release of the long awaited Nosram HD competition speed control. Its unique combination of hardware and software features was created to deliver maximum performance on the track without compromise for touring car racing. With this in mind, Nosram HD comes fully equipped to bring the best experience to the user in every racing situation.

The Nosram HD comes equipped  with completely redesigned power board and logic board to unleash the full potential of the new software and to provide reliability for today’s extreme racing demands. With 8 copper layers and a total thickness of 2.8mm, the Nosram HD heavy duty power board achieves minimal resistance and drops core temperatures significantly.

First time in use are the exclusive Customized Super FETs CSF-01. To improve internal cooling further, new copper cooling plates come soldered on both PCB sides. Backed with a bulletproof 6V/6V BEC and newly selected high quality components ensure most consistent operation under extreme loads.

Finally, rounded off with pre-soldered all black 12AWG power wires, short receiver lead and astonishing new dark full aluminium case with aluminium pushbuttons, the new Nosram HD will completely stand out and be perfectly fitted to any touring car chassis.

The Nosram HD TC Spec comes pre-installed with the IFMAR Worlds winning v4.1 software. Smoother driving feel with maximum power output and consistently strong brakes were the main focus points on this new software creation. All new brake types developed especially for the Nosram HD will match any driving style and situation on track, while the new Torque feel, Timing and Delay features are to provide the smoothest throttle control with highest top speeds at any racing track.

Timing parameters in Nosram HD have been completely revised and now feature exceptional improvements in terms of power delivery. To give Stock class racers the edge, the benefit from the feel of a pure Nosram speed control is backed with the power board’s low resistance, ensuring most direct motor control with minimum losses.

By the time of release, Nosram continues to use its well-known effective system for fast trackside adjustments with pushbuttons, with no need to use a separate programming unit. The Nosram HD speed control series however is designed to support external programming device which is planned to be offered later on. Combined with an all new user manual concept, the Nosram HD remains effective and easy to use for everybody.



·         v4.1 software specialized for touring car racing

·         Customized Super FETs

·         Heavy duty 2.8mm 8-layer power board

·         Bulletproof 6V/6A BEC for the most reliable power output

·         Full aluminium case in exclusive state of the art design



BEC / Electric power supply of the receiver

6V/6A linear



Rec. Motorlimit Brushless

over 2.5T



Sensored brushless system


Rated Current






Input voltage

7.4V (2S)

Multi mode profile adjustment


Power wires

12 AWG black

Plugged fan

Yes - 6V