RC Maker Brass LCG Floating ESC Plate Set for Awesomatix MMCX

RC Maker
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RC Maker floating ESC set for Awesomatix MMCX!

Designed to add weight in areas that you need it most. RC Maker floating ESC Plate allows you to remove any impact that the ESC has on the chassis flex. Mounting off the rear weight hole, it floats the entire ESC meaning no flex impact and also super easy changing of your ESC in and out of your car!

With this system, theres no need to remove any double sided tape, simply unscrew and the ESC can be removed!

This set weights 10g in total, however this can be increased by adding our ESC Weight Plate (last photo) (Sold Separately) which is 12g, to make a total of 22g. This extra weight is particular handy when using the new generation of Lightweight LCG ESC's, or if using a normal ESC without a fan! 

Add weight to your car in the best possible way with this option!

If you want a lightweight floating option, check out our Carbon LCG Floating ESC Plate Set!

  • 1x CNC Machined, Laser Engraved Floating Brass Plate
  • 1x CNC Machined Carbon Shim for underneath plate
  • 1x CNC Machined Brass Nut (Can be replaced with our LCG Rear Weight for more weight) 
  • 1x 3x6 Countersunk Screw