RC Maker Carbon Steering Limiter Set for XRAY T4'20

RC Maker
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Steering lock is a critical tuning option in touring car, and depending on the size of track and amount of grip, it something that professional drivers tend to adjust regularly. Simply reducing the Dual Rate on your transmitter is not sufficient to reducing your steering lock. Reducing the Dual Rate simply adds play and chatter to the wheels, as now the whole rack is being supported by the servo, inducing play into the system.

RC Maker have developed the ultimate solution for the XRAY T4'20 platform. The set includes 4 different sized limiters which offer a large range of steering lock possibilities from maximum lock to around 30 degrees, to 20 degrees. Simply unscrew the centre ballstud and remove the stopper and replace with a different sized one to alter your steering lock. The bigger the limiter, the less lock and visa-versa. Once installed, reduce your transmitter EPA until the limiter has just a minimal amount of play against the rack (but not binding), and you're good to go!

CNC Machined from 5mm thick 3K Twill Carbon Fibre, these are built to last and will not break or chip in crashes. They are also extremely lightweight coming in at only 0.3 grams for the biggest sized limiter!

  • 4 Sizes for 4 easy lock settings ranging from 20-30deg
  • Useable with aluminium and plastic bellcranks (plastic will have further reduced lock compared to aluminium bellcranks)
  • CNC Machined in Australia from High Quality 5mm 3K Twill Carbon Fibre