RC Maker Centre Stiffener Weight for Awesomatix MMCX (19g)

RC Maker
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Introducing centre stiffener weight for the Awesomatix MMCX Mid Motor!

Locating behind the motor-mount, it screws to 3 available screw holes to provide increased rigidity (mostly front to back) under acceleration and braking. This can be very beneficial due to the increased flex in this portion of the chassis due to the motor-mount now being central and the tension of the rear belt under acceleration causing unwanted flex, especially in high traction conditions.

The brass weight is precision CNC machined and sourced in Australia and provides a nice 19g of weight in the most central position on the chassis to get your car up to weight. It is also only 3mm in height, providing a very low centre of gravity!

Also is provided a 0.5mm carbon spacer to shim the weight up off the deck if you want it to have absolutely no interference with the chassis flex.

  • Flex altering capability with 4 flex settings
  • 19g of centrally mounted weight 
  • 3mm in height only for LCG
  • Precision CNC Machined and made in Australia