RC Maker GeaCarbon HD Weighted Tweak Wheel Set for Awesomatix A12

RC Maker
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This particular set fits only the Awesomatix A12 Pan Cars with a 3/16" Shaft.

Other popular 1/12th Pan Cars (Schumacher, Xray, Yokomo, CRC) use a 1/8" shaft (3.175mm).

De-tweaking your pan car has never been so easy! Using our Weighted Tweak Wheels, you can very easily identify which wheel is lifting off the ground first. The wheel that lifts first will spin and make it easy to identify what adjustments must be made. 

1/12th is the most temperamental class to get the tweak right, and a tweaked 1/12th is not a lot of fun to drive! Using our included rear "A Frame" Wheels, you are isolating every variable down to the side pod tweak, allowing you to get everything perfect without worn or unevenly trued tires throwing out an otherwise straight car.

Installs in just a minute and makes your life de-tweaking your car between runs easy!

The set includes two carbon fiber front weighted, ball raced tweak wheels, two black alloy spacers, and a pair of rear carbon fiber A-Frame type wheels to keep everything square.

  • Fast installation and de-tweaking method
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High Quality Ceramic Bearings
  • CNC Machined Carbon Fiber Wheels and Brass Weights
  • Black Anodized 7075 Spacers with laser engraved logo
  • Manufactured in Australia