RC Maker GeoCarbon Battery Clamp Set for Touring Cars (Universal)

RC Maker
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These will fit on any touring car using the pivoting clamp style method for securing the battery! Styled in RC Maker signature GeoCarbon look, they bring an appealing aesthetic to the car! Constructed from 3mm carbon fibre, they are lightweight but also very strong. They are finished with a countersink for that dialled low profile finish!

They include an o-ring for each side, which RC Maker recommend seating under the clamps, on-top of the post. Then use thread lock on the countersunk screws thread and tighten until you are happy with the resistance of the pivoting clamp. Leave to dry and then you will have a permanent solution being able to undo your battery with ease, without having to loosen and tighten every time! 

  • Precision CNC machined in Australia
  • Lightweight, strong 100% Carbon Fibre construction
  • Includes 2x O-rings for providing resistance under the pivoting clamp 
  • Don't need to loosen and tighten every time, set and forget!