RC Maker GeoCarbon Cam Steering Limiters for Awesomatix

RC Maker
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Introducing our brand new GeoCarbon "Cam" steering limiters for Awesomatix A800 Touring Cars!

Weighing in at only 0.2g for the pair, they provide a super LCG and lightweight adjustable option for limiting your steering lock. Adjusting steering lock is an incredibly important tuning option, and one that is not simply done with reducing the dual rate on your transmitter. These provide a "stopper" which is a much more effective way of limiting your steering lock. 

They provide 4 different steering lock settings thanks to the offset cam style design, which allows locks ranging from 22 deg inside to 29 deg inside (AM14LS, 1mm Ackerman + 1 deg Toe Out) simply by loosening the main screw, rotating the plate and re-tightening the screw. You do not need to get them perfectly square, as the edge is rounded to make installation super easy!

  • Super lightweight at 0.2g per pair
  • 4 Settings from 22 to 29 degrees 
  • Direct install 
  • Works with all chassis configurations, servos etc.