RC Maker GeoCarbon Capacitor Mount for 25mm Fan

RC Maker
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New RC Maker Carbon Fibre Capacitor Mount weighing in at only 1 gram, it allows you to fix your capacitor to your ESC without any risk of it falling off. Normally the ESC is a very popular place to stick the capacitor to, as it's off the ground and out of the way, however when the ESC gets hot, it releases the double sided tape and the capacitor can move and fall off. The carbon bracket insulates this and allows you to stick the capacitor in the same spot, but with a much more reliable mount that ensures the double sided tape stays stuck! 

  • Carbon Fibre construction weighing only 1g
  • Ability to choose which orientation the plate sits on the ESC, and also if the capacitor is stuck horizontal of vertically 
  • Stops Capacitor falling off ESC due to heating of the double sided tape
  • Removes risk of capacitor getting stuck in belts etc
  • Floats the capacitor off the chassis 
  • Up to 3mm screws