RC Maker GeoCarbon Med Flex Topdeck/Bulkhead Stiffener for Awesomatix

RC Maker
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Constructed of only 1mm carbon (thinner than C26), with machined pockets further reducing it's stiffness, it provides increased torsional flex when installed on the topdeck or front of the front AM78X bulkheads compared to C26. This provides a nice medium option for tuning in both locations

Front bulkheads: 
  • No Brace = Least high speed steering, most low speed steering
  • Carbon Med Flex Brace = Balance of high speed and low speed steering
  • C26 Brace = Most high speed steering, least low speed steering
Rear of topdeck:
  • No Brace = Least rotation and steering , most rear traction
  • Carbon Med Flex Brace = Balance of steering and rear traction
  • C26 Brace = Most rotation and steering, least rear traction 

Package includes 1pc.