RC Maker GeoCarbon Rear Body Mount for Awesomatix HRB

RC Maker
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Styled in RC Maker's signature GeoCarbon finish, HRB Mount increases aesthetics of the HRB system, whilst also providing some improved practical features.

This mount is more adjustable, boasting total 5mm of vertical adjustment. Mounting system also features very closely spaced holes, rather than slots. This allows you to position the body in 5 different positions at 1mm increments. This ensures the mount is always kept level, and doesn't shift in a crash.

It is also shaped to make carrying or picking up the car easy and comfortable in one hand, with the centre top section shaped perfectly for your thumb.

NOTE: In order to be able to use our HRB Body Mount, you must either purchase the Awesomatix HRB System, or the AM126 Bracket first also.

  • 5mm of total adjustment 
  • Stepped adjustment in 1mm increments 
  • Shaped for ease of picking up and carrying the car single handedly
  • Signature GeoCarbon finish
  • Manufactured in house in Australia from High Quality 3mm 3K Carbon Fibre