RC Maker GeoCarbon Tweak Wheel Set for Touring Car (4pcs)

RC Maker
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Ninja star or Tweak wheel? Fit for both applications in the pits!

Introducing GeoCarbon Tweak Wheel Set for Touring Cars, both EP and GP.

These super lightweight GeoCarbon wheels weight in at only 2.2g each (9g for the whole set) and are precision machined to minimum tolerances to de-tweak your car. Consisting of a less than half of a normal setup wheel construction, they serve the purpose of checking your tweak via lifting your chassis off the ground at one end only, and making sure the wheels leave the ground at the same point, being an extremely common way to de-tweak your car.

Using precision machined parts is far more accurate than using a normal wheel and tyre, and more accurate than a normal rubber o-ringed setup wheel. Having no "buffer" between the wheel and ground makes it far easier to feel when one wheel is lifting up earlier, as you can feel the abrupt "bump" on the setup board. This leads to more accurate and faster setting of tweak. 

  • GeoCarbon ultra light weight, stylish construction
  • Small footprint to allow more access to hubs when tuning 
  • Stiff and durable for maximum longevity
  • Precision CNC machined to minimum tolerances
  • The most accurate and repeatable way to check tweak