RC Maker LCG Battery Weight Plate (33g)

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Todays electronics are getting lower, lighter and even harder to get up to that heavy weight limit that's enforced by the rule makers! With LCG Batteries, getting the weight down low comes at a price.. how do we now add weight to get back up to the limit? Some may think that making a battery skinnier to lower the CG, then raising it with brass underneath is just going in a circle and results in the same outcome, however this isn't the case!

The LCG batteries are up to 4mm thinner, and we only need to add 0.8mm of brass to achieve the same overall battery weight as a regular sized pack, due to brass having a much higher weight density. This weight plate tapes to the bottom of your LCG battery with the super thin provided tape, and gets the weight down as low as it can go. 

There is recommended purchase of one for each battery, and taping to the battery rather than the chassis, taping to the chassis can cause unwanted, asymmetrical stiffening of the chassis.

It doesn't have to end there! Check out RC Maker floating battery mounts for Xray, T4, Awesomatix and Yokomo, which integrate with this brass plate and actually float your battery roughly 0.4mm off the chassis super easily! This heavily reduces the impact your battery is having on the flex of your chassis.

Weight plate features:
  • CNC Machined in Australia, from high quality 0.8mm brass
  • Laser engraved RC MAKER Logo
  • Weights 33g in total
  • Includes Pre-Mounted ultra thin double sided tape to tape directly onto your battery!
  • Integrates with our new floating battery mounts for Xray, Awesomatix and Yokomo
  • Tested and used by some of the fastest drivers in the world