RC Maker Precision Caster Tool Version 2 - Suits Hudy & Arrowmax

RC Maker
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To improve popular V1, RC Maker introduced a centre line and also adapted the tool to suit Arrowmax Setup Stations as well as Hudy! Now you can use the tool on either Hudy or Arrowmax. The pointer lines up with the dashes on the Hudy Setup Station, while the hole correlates with the dashes on the Arrowmax, and by looking through the hole, you can align the centre line on the caster tool with the dashes on the setup station, giving you a very accurate caster measurement! 

They feature a very stable and high tolerance mounting platform, in order to ensure your caster tool is positioned in exactly the same place every time, so you can replicate your caster. They attach to the top of the hub and locate perfectly every time.

Includes 2 tools.