RC Maker Upper Bulkhead Stiffener Plate Set for Awesomatix AM19-2 (8pcs)

RC Maker
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Introducing upper bulkhead stiffeners for the upper bulkheads on Awesomatix A800 Touring Cars (AM19-2)

Constructed from very stiff 0.5mm carbon, then are extremely lightweight and provide increased rigidity to the "ears" on the upper bulkheads where the camberlink mounts. In awkward collisions with boards on tight, twisty tracks, these ears can bend when hitting boards or barriers and throw camber and caster, and are sometimes quite difficult to detect at first. These will help prevent these upper bulkheads twisting by providing an extra layer of supper bridged between the camberlink ball-stud and bulkhead screw. Being only 0.5mm thick, you do not need to use a longer screw in the bulkhead, however you may want to, to even further increase rigidity. 

These are able to stay on the car when removing diffs etc, and are held in position by the camberlink ballstuds, so when you remove the upper bulkheads, these will stay in place as if they aren't even there!

  • CNC machined, stiff, lightweight carbon fibre construction
  • Increase rigidity of upper bulkheads in crashes and in general
  • Stay secured to the car even when removing diffs etc