Revolution Design M17/MT-44 Aluminium Steering Wheel (Orange)

Revolution Design
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The Revolution Design Racing Products Aluminium Steering Wheel for the popular Sanwa M17 high-end and MT-44 intermediate level radios is a quick and easy way to personalise your transmitter to the maximum. Machined from high-quality aluminium the steering wheel is of a cool new turbine design that greatly enhances the overall appearance of the transmitter while offering improved stability for more precise steering action. The steering wheel is available in seven different colours including black, blue, light blue, green, gold, orange and red while machined silver colour edge details and a laser-engraved logo make the wheel stand out. The part is a direct fit and can be combined with our new Sanwa M17 RDRP0501 Dial and Nut set.

  • used in place of the standard steering wheel

  • Material: Anodised high-quality aluminium

  • Sanwa M17
  • Sanwa MT-44