Reve D Super Precision Machine Cut Titanium Servo Screw (2pcs)

Reve D
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The SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium servo screw. Using a lightweight / high-rigidity titanium material, we have designed a special screw for mounting the servo squarely in the mounts with a high-precision stepped profile.

When fixing the servo, a built in collar with a diameter of 4.3mm is provided at the base of the M3 screw to facilitate perfect positioning of the servo with ease. In addition, the shape of the screw head has a base with a diameter of 7mm, eliminating the need to use washers. The beautiful design is another highlight of these screws for dressing up your machine.

Try SPM Titanium Servo Screws, which are not only lightweight / high rigidity made of titanium material, less prone to wearing and sharp appearance.

Screw head Pedestal diameterΦ7.0mm
Root cylindrical part with M3 screwDiameter Φ4.3mm, length 2.0mm
M3 screw length6.0mm

* Check the dimensions of your servo beforehand.