Reve D Super Precision Machine Cut Titanium Wing Screw (2pcs)

Reve D
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SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium wing screw. Reve D has prepared a wing fixing screw using high-precision threads with our lightweight / high-rigidity titanium material.

By setting the screw head to a low profile head type with a height of 1.2 mm and a diameter of 7.8 mm, the wing can be fixed securely whilst looking awesome! These screws are ideal for not only fixing polycarbonate wings of racing cars, but also fixing wings of drifting cars to optional metal wing mounts. In addition to fixing the wing, it can also be used for various purposes where a low profile screw is required.

Try the SPM titanium wing screw which is not only light weight due to the titanium material that has high strength and great appearance!

Screw head height1.2mm
Screw head diameterΦ7.8mm
Hexagon hole size1.5mm
M3 screw length5.0mm