SRT CH7012 Low Profile (0.057s/12.0kg/8.4V) Coreless Servo

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  • Ideal for 1/10 on road scale applications,  as well as large scale airplanes and jets
  • Incredible efficiency and low power consumption
  • Titanium & Alu gears for precision and durability
  • Standard dimension make it perfect for vehicles that can benefit from a high quality servo
  • CNC Machined aluminum case for exceptional cooling
  • HD 4096 Resolution
  • 2 μsec Dead Band
  • Superior Holding Torque
Motor TypeCoreless
Gear TypeMetal
Gear MaterialTitanium & Alu
Control SystemPulse Width Control 
Working Frequence1520μs / 330hz
Operating VoltageDC 6.0 - 8.4 V
Operating Temperature Range-10 to +60 degree
Operating Speed(6.0V): 0.07 sec/60 degrees at no load
(7.4V): 0.06 sec/60 degrees at no load
(8.4V): 0.057 sec/60 degrees at no load
Stall Torque(6.0V): (124.9 oz/in)
(7.4V): (152.8 oz/in)
(8.4V): (166.6 oz/in)
Potentiometer DriveDirect Drive
Dimensions41.0 x 20.0 x 26.4 mm / 1.61 x 0.79 x 1.04 in
Weight52.0g (1.83 oz)
Connector Wire LengthJR 180mm