Sweep EXX-R3 Highend Pre-Glued Touring Car Tires for Asphalt (36deg, EXP-SX Inserts, 4pcs)

Sweep Racing
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Sweep Racing's all new EXX-R3 compounds are finally available to hit the track. The new compounds provide much faster lap time on multiple track conditions such as low grip asphalt or sugar surface, even pure asphalt surfaces. Consistency has also been improved from first run to the end and the compounds are available with R3 carcass which is rounder than the R2 tire shape. Sweep have tested EXX-R3 compounds since TITC in Thailand and have had very good results even in super hot weather conditions. The EXX-R3 tires comes with EXP-SX thin mould inserts and it’s increased air gaps in order to make high traction on the track.