Sweep HANKOOK Tread Belted Pre-Glued PRO Tires for Asphalt (36deg, EXP-C Inserts, 4pcs)

Sweep Racing
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Sweep Racing 24mm wide treaded rubber tyre for 1/10th GT and FWD touring cars. It utilises a full scale tread design licensed by Hankook with the side walls featuring both Hankook and Sweep logos. The high-performance tire is belted to prevent it from ballooning under power and to limit diameter expanding due to softening that can occur over time when using aggressive traction compounds. The tire comes moulded from a universal compound that suits both asphalt and carpet tracks with dedicated carpet.

Included tires are Sweep 24mm spoke rims for 1/10th scale FWD and GT cars. Made of a durable PC material and coming in white color, the rims feature two low profile inner ribs that allow for a greater air gap between insert and tyre.