Ultimate Racing Off-Road Black HD Pipe Set With Fast Lock System Manifold EFRA 2142

Ultimate Racing
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This is the homologated EFRA 2142 Black Edition Off-Road Super Strong Pipe Set with Fast-Lock System Manifold from Ultimate Racing. This hi-quality aluminium exhaust has been produced with a black hard coated treatment to improve all its technical specifications and resistance.

After months of testing we can guarantee that, thanks to this new treatment, we offer a much more durable exhaust. But this is not the only improvement, it also provides:

  • Less adherence of charred particles, facilitating cleaning.
  • Better resonance due to its high rigidity.
  • Minimize wear of the exhaust gaskets.
  • Better cooling thanks to its high thermal conductivity.
  • Greater resistance to impacts.

This new pipe incorporates our well-known Fast-Lock system and keeps the advanced pressurization tap for better performance providing:

  • Improvements to the power curve. 
  • Higher top speed.
  • Better fuel mileage.

This exhaust system provides a precise and linear throttle response in high RPM range with a great top end speed. This pipe set will provide great power and speed at high RPM.

It is the perfect choice for big tracks with long straights where high speed is needed.

This pipe set incorporates the FAST-LOCK system for connecting the exhaust pipe to the manifold without the pipe/manifold springs. This FAST-LOCK connecting system is stronger and safer than the traditional springs system, it ensures perfect pipe-manifold alignment and improves engine performance.

Assembly and operation are very easy. The manifold is fixed to the pipe by turning a quarter turn. The manifold comes with an inner silicone O-ring and an outer silicone gasket that ensures a perfect sealing. We suggest lubricating the O-ring/gasket with a drop of after run oil when assembled for the first time.

This exhaust system includes the pipe, the manifold with O-ring and gasket seals, 2 medium springs, 2 long spring and 1 manifold gaskets.