Volante V5 1/10 TC 28CP Indoor Carpet Rubber Tire Preglued (4pcs)

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The new "T" type tire carries the same high quality combination from the original V5, however with a new minimal air gap and new "Tough" rubber content. Making this the ideal tire choice, if longevity and stability is your preference.

Best performs in outdoor and indoor asphalt track.

The latest establishment from Volante’s tyre development brings you the premium Volante V5 tyre. Developed by Word Champions, the Version 5 combines maximum speed with maximum longevity.

Tested on a variety of tracks around the world, the V5 provides superior traction to any other tyre, whilst limiting the ‘drop off’ experienced by many other tires on the market. The tyre and wheel combination is perfectly true, meaning no vibration when driving. Minimum excess moulding material makes it unnecessary to ‘sand’ or ‘cut’ the line from now, making it less time consuming and risky preparing new tires.

Volante V5’s will be able to provide you with premium traction and longevity in any condition.