Volante V8T 1/10 TC 36R Outdoor Asphalt Rubber Tire Preglued (4pcs)

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The production of Volante V5-36R, V7-32R, and 36R tires had to face the problem of limited raw material for several months.
The shortage affected all major tire manufacturers.
This meant to change the focus on the development of a brand-new asphalt tires series – the Volante V8T. 

This project combines several renewals which started with the creation of a newly formulated tire compound. 
The main goal was to produce a tire that demonstrates longer durability and a constantly good performance regarding grip and control. 
New V8T series of tires integrates a newly formulated tire compound with an ultra-thin mega fix-inner belt for the high-speed.

Volante  invented a tire that allows more equal opportunity. 
The problem of being advantaged when using a new set of tires has been solved.
The new V8T enables consistent lap times from the beginning till the end.