XRAY T4'20 Alu Rear Lower 1-Piece Suspension Holder - Rear - RR

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Authentic XRAY alu rear lower suspension holder for the REAR of the rear bulkhead, redesigned to work with the long suspension arms.

Recommended for asphalt tracks with low-to-medium traction. Must be used with 2-piece rear – front (RF) alu suspension holder #303730. Suspension holders are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and have been designed to provide the lightest and strongest possible support framework for the car. Black anodized.

There are two types of the suspension holders, each specifically designed and chosen to provide the required characteristics – stability, traction, and flex:

  • Front of the FRONT suspension – 1-piece.
  • Rear of the FRONT suspension – 1-piece for stability, easy to drive in all conditions but especially under high-traction conditions. 
  • Front of the REAR suspension – 2-piece for maximum rear traction. The holder features a mounting hole for the ARS link.
  • Rear of the REAR suspension – 1-piece for more steering and better rotation.