Yokomo YD-2 Front Direct Type Spring Soft-P Tile/Concrete (2pcs)

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New shock spring series for the YD-2 RWD drift car kits. Available as separate sets for the front and rear, the front springs are of a high pitch design for greater response, increasing front tracking and feeling throughout the corner. The rear spring are available in an increased forward traction or higher side bite variant to suit a wide range of track conditions and allowing for better tuning. All three sets come in all-round (carpet asphalt) or soft (P tile/concrete) hardness, making it six sets in total that are available separately or as complete 6-pair combo package. To not alter the characteristics and performance of the springs, they come without any surface treatment, meaning some discolouration can occur over time that is best countered by lightly oiling them using bearing or machine oil.