Yokomo Racing Performer DX1 Type-R (High Rotation type) Motor (Titanium Shaft) 10.5T

Racing Performer
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Fine tune version of the racing performer DX-1 Type-R, which is the best-selling motor for drift users. A lightweight and highly accurate titanium shaft rotor is used to further enhance the output characteristics of the Type-R. Lighter rotor makes the throttle to blow up smoothly, and the optimization of the magnetic force realizes high-speed extension, and matches well with the boost and turbo functions of the speed controller. Compared to steel shafts, it is more resistant to heat dripping and can maximize efficiency even when running for long periods of time.

In addition, by smoothing the descent of rotation when throttle is off, you can get a feeling of rolling in the corner, and the control performance during cornering is upgraded in combination with the smooth feeling. It is possible to run with both power and stability even on low mu road surfaces such as P tiles and asphalt.