Yokomo Super Off-Road SO 2.0 Assemble 2WD Offroad Car Kit

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The 2WD off-road car with fun and nimble driving has evolved even further! The new racing baby carriage has even more rear traction and stability, making it more fun to take corners.

The 13mm big bore shocks, with 10% more capacity than before, are the key to driving. The shocks provide both high stability and response, and produce a smooth arc in turns. Front and rear wings with increased downforce and a low-profile body control aerodynamics, contributing to stability at high speeds and attitude control when jumping. The new steering block makes it easy to adjust to regulations, making this a super off-roader that is truly for the enjoyment of racing.

  • Rear 2WD off-road car
  • Aluminum main chassis
  • Aluminum adjustable front axle
  • Reversible steering block
  • 13mm big bore shocks
  • Wide front wing
  • GOKURAKU Straight wing
  • Low profile body
  • Aluminum chassis weights

Newly designed steering block can be flipped over and installed to change tread width.

An aluminum plate is mounted under the servo for front weight and stiffness adjustment.

13mm big bore cylinder greatly improves shock absorption capacity from road surface.

*This product is to assemble chassis kit. To drive and enjoy, a transmitter/receiver, servo, ESC, motor, battery, battery charger, tires/wheels, pinion gears (48 pitch), body paint, etc. are required separately.