Yokomo YZ-2 Graphite Rear Shock Tower (Gear Box 2mm up compatible)

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New option parts in the form of a 1.0mm gearbox spacer set as well as a rear shock tower and 3-gear motor plate for raised gearbox setups. Starting with the gearbox spacer set, the set includes a gearbox spacer, a rear suspension mount spacer as well as front brace spacers all of which will raise the gearbox and all attached parts by 1.0mm. Raising the transmission will result in increased chassis roll which can be beneficial especially when running lightweight LCG battery packs or when less angled rear driveshafts are needed.

Also new is an updated carbon fibre rear shock tower for setups with a 2mm raised rear gearbox that is understood to keep suspension geometry unchanged to the standard setting while the 3-gear motor plate lowers the motor in all high-gearbox setups. Both parts also have standard position mounting holes that allow to easily revert to the standard settings.