What is new for upcoming season of Mibosport Cup?

What is new for upcoming season of Mibosport Cup?

4 ott 2019

New racing winter season 2019/2020 is behind the door and it means also new season of Mibosport Cup. Except rules which you can already check here we bring also many many news for every driver.

Rules update 4th October

Race organization
  1. Newly will be counted 2 from 3 qualifications and points will decide, not laps time like in previous seasons. The problem with the original system was that even though the racer had done his first qualification well, it was usually not enough, because the best times were driven in the second and especially the third qualification due to traction. For this reason, we have decided to count qualifications according to points for position because it tells a lot more about racing skills and is more fair to all.
  2. Instead of double points in the BIG FINAL there will be +10 points for every driver. Therefore, the result of the last race will not affect the overall ranking as much as the double points last season, but this will take into account the importance and size of the last race.
Technical rules
  1. For Modified and Pro Stock 13.5T after long testing were chosen tires Sweep EXP R3 PRO CARPET Pre-Glued Touring Car Rubber Tires (32deg·"ETS" Carpet Spec·4pcs) (#EXP-32R3PGL). Tires will be available from next week.
  2. In GT Stock 17.5T is now possible to use also new motor LRP X22 Stock Spec 17.5T (#520212). Many drivers were interested in this class but had problem with buying "old" motor, they do not want to buy many years old X20 or want to upgrade from old one to the new one. That is why we arranged in cooperation with LRP new X22 which will be available at the race (LRP owner Jürgen Lautenbach will bring them personally).
  3. At FWD class we have changed prescribed gear ration from 5.0 to 4.5.
  4. For classes GT Stock 17.5T and FWD we have updated list of allowed bodies.

All changes we make are thanks to important feedback from you, our racers. Big thanks for that. We are still trying to do maximum to make races as best as possible to bring you great enjoyment. Thank you again and looking forward to see you 19th October in Hrotovice.

What's new in a nutshell?
  • carpets
  • bigger offroad track
  • categories

Just three news? Okay, let’s take a closer look.


Many of you, our racers, asked for new carpets so we have decided to do big investment buy new carpets. For both tracks. Don’t worry, it’s same type of carpets you are already used to. Also very important is new carpet for jumps on offroad track. It means same carpets on jumps and track (only different is color) to keep same conditions in every corner.

Bigger offroad track

Another new is bigger offroad track. We heard several times from drivers that offroad track could be bigger and we also knew it. So with the possibilities of the hall we've increased size of our offroad track. We believe that every offroad driver will welcome this improvement. And onroad drivers need no worries, the parameters of the onroad track have been kept.


Many news coming with categories. Let's go gradually.


At buggy classes were made no changes. Same tires, for Buggy Modified maximum 2 sets, for Buggy Stock maximum 1 set of tires. Only change in offroad is coming with class Stadium Truck. Most of drivers in this category asked for open tires so here we go, tires are open.


For this upcoming season we have decided to change tires for Modified. New tires run in this class will Sweep. Now we are still testing more types so exact type will be released soon.

Pro Stock 13.5T

Except change of name from Stock LRP to Pro Stock 13.5T is making this class faster. As you recognized from the name, we switched from 17.5T to 13.5T. According the current trends all categories are getting faster and faster and 13.5T motors in Stock classes are much more popular than ever before. With this new comes also new motor, it is Muchmore FLETA ZX V2 13.5T ER Fixtiming (#MR-V2ZX135FER). For everybody who wants to pimp his car, we have allowed aluminium motor screws. Tires will be the same like in Modified, we are still testing more types so exact type will be released soon. No worries If you do not want to buy new motors or just do not want to go this faster class. Just keep reading and you will find brand new categories which will be for you for sure!


No changes, no worries :-)

GT Stock 17.5T

Biggest news are coming with two all new classes - GT Stock 17.5T and FWD. Let’s explore GT Stock 17.5T now. It can not be said that this class is successor of old Stock LRP because it wouldn’t be right. Main idea for creating this class was current situation with racing bodies which still moves away from real cars.

It’s all new concept of category created for drivers who like realistic looking cars, want to use older electronics or don’t want to drive fast classes as Pro Stock or Modified. It is for drivers who want to race and have fun without having any stress with speed or buying expensive equipment.

You can go with any 4wd chassis you want and use the same motor you run last season in Stock LRP class - LRP X20 17.5T. Gear ratio is newly set from 4 for 4.5, motor will not overheat.

Two main points of interest of this class are realistic looking body shells and also unique realistic looking low-profiled tires on BBS style rims with 5 color variants matching with your body Sweep SQS-32PGL (#SQS-32PGL).

For drivers who run Stock LRP last year only stuff they will need is new body and new tires.

List of body shells:

  • Bittydesign AGATA 1/10 GT Body (#BDGT-190AGT)
  • Bittydesign VENOM 1/10 GT Body (#BDGT-190VNM)
  • Exotek J-ZERO 1/10 USGT Race Body (#1884)
  • Exotek R-TEK GT Race Body (#1863)
  • PROTOform Cadillac ATS-V.R Clear Body (#1543-30)
  • PROTOform Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Clear Body (#1544-30)
  • PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Clear Body (#1557-30)
  • PROTOform Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Clear Body (#1563-25)
  • PROTOform Ford GT Clear Body (#1550-25)
  • PROTOform PFM-10 Clear Body (#1542-30)
  • ZooRacing ZOODIAC GT BODY (#ZR-0007-07)

The world's most growing category is also coming to Mibosport Cup. Do you want to go this new class but you do not want to buy special chassis? No worries, no needed. You can just remove rear belt from your standard chassis and go. It is tested and it works. Tires will be same like in GT Stock 17.5T - unique realistic looking low-profiled tires on BBS style rims with 5 color variants matching with your body Sweep SQS-32PGL (#SQS-32PGL) and motor from Hobbywing XeRun Justock G2.1 17.5T (#30408011), it is cheap and works good.

List of body shells:

1/12 Pancar and 1/10 GT Pancar are gone

With newly added classes we had to remove the old ones. There are many reasons why we have ended these 2 classes. Main reason is that Pancar chassis were destroying carpets and with new carpets we want to avoid these situations. And the fact that interest about Pancar categories is getting down for a years is also important and it was logical step to switch to classes with longterm potential. Without foam tire cars will also be better traction for all classes. It was no more possible to let f.e. 2 groups influence traction for another 10 groups which go with rubber tires.

We hope that also drivers who run Pancars will find their new class and we will meet them again at first race of Mibosport Cup 19. 10. 2019.


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