Mibosport Cup R3 - report

Mibosport Cup R3 - report


The third round of MIBOSPORT Cup was held in Hrotovice on the beginning of December. Quiet a lot of racers celebrated their advent weekend on the track while listening to the sound crashing lexan. So that the final number of registered stopped on the amount of 220.

Starting grid was enriched by abroad competitors and excepting that it shined a lot thanks to many stars, who had found their way to Hrotovice to show their best. It was a huge motivation for others to cut a few tens of their lap time.

Friday´s free practise was the best way to do this and most of racers took their opportunity seriously. Upcoming controlled practise sorted out qualification groups to be as even as possible.

Stadium Truck: You may still be thinking what is the magic of this class consisting from infantile swinging cars. From the first sight it seems like parody on racing, but if you change the point of view you will see the more attractive part. Cars are almost unbreakable and easy to drive. Relax while driving attracted seven drivers. Tristan Hackl was the most successful and took the victory in front of Christian Wukonig and Philipp Märzinger.

2WD Buggy Stock: Patrik Dworschak is everything but newbie and among rear wheel drive buggy cars he really excelled. Second place came to Pepa Vich and Kuba Krus was third.

2WD Buggy Modified: Close racing as usual. That´s how to describe situation in this class. Martin Bayer set the pace in qualies and took the TQ. In final heats he had an amazing fight with Ales Bidovsky. Talented Czech driver won A1 and put a pressure on Martin. However, A2 & A3 both came to TQman and that decided about Martin´s victory. Ales finished second and Adam Iszay was third. Kaja Novotny dropped on the fourth spot and Max Götzl became fifth.

4WD Buggy Modified: Martin Bayer won even in this class and to be frank, this time it was much easier. But there was a fight for second place still. Kaja Novotny managed to overcome Max Götzl, who started in front of him. Those two guys switched their qualification order, Kaja finished second and Max was third. Adam Iszay took the unpopular fourth position and Ales Bidovsky grabbed fifth place.

1/12 Pancar: Tomas Liptak did not disappoint spectators and took another victory to his wide range of trophies. Branislav Panak was also very fast, but small mistake cost him a chance to get closer to Tomas. Vitezslav Hola – newcomer to 1/12 class, took the third place in front of Martin Zvara and Marcel Dostal.

1/10 World GT: The Liptak family was on point again. Igor vindicated victory in his favourite class and gave no chance to the others. Martin Zvara finished second and Radovan Konopik was third. Fourth spot came to Daniel Urban and Marek Helbich was fifth.

Formule 1: Lukas Hoch was going step by step closer to his victory. But TQ from qualies was maximum he could manage. Andreas Stiebler exploited his mistakes in final heats and took home victory. Lukas had to satisfy himself with second place and Herbert Weber finished third. Thomas Dvorszky finished fourth and Kristian Kopacki was fifth.

Stock: Oliver Havranek managed to get TQ in tight qualification, what played such a role in upcoming situation. In the first run it was a clean sweep for Slovak driver, because of crash directly behind him between Alex Mayer and Blazej Orlowski. However, the second run was more attractive as Blazej Orlowski drove much closer to Oliver. Fortunately for Oli, his run was flawless again, so that he reached the deserved victory. Second place came to Blazej Orlowski. Alexander Mayer was third, Lukasz Mach finished fourth and Peter Miko became fifth.

Modified: Zdenko Kunak pulled away from the early beginning and dominated the whole day. Double victory from A1 & A2 meant first place from the whole event. Oliver Havranek was fighting with Matej Sulc for the second place. Third round was the decider and Oliver managed to avoid crashes at the beginning and grabbed the second spot overall in front of Matej. Kuba Simurda finished fourth and Radek Flek was fifth.

Report: Jakub Šimurda