Mibosport Cup R5 Big Final 19/20 - report

Mibosport Cup R5 Big Final 19/20 - report


Mibosport Cup is in the last corner of 2019/2020 season. The fifth round of well-known rc racing series invited more than two hundred of drivers to race both onroad and offroad tracks. This event was special in terms of point distribution. Thinking of making it all more interesting, organizers decided to serve more points than usual on the final encounter. So that drivers were really pushing hard as nothing was sure in the overall ranking.

Excepting victory-attenders in overall ranking there appeared some great new names on the grid mainly in offroad section. Jörn Neumann made his way to Czech Republic after long long time. Also, young talented Jessica Palsson from Sweden found herself back to compete in Hrotovice's hall.

Heat system remained the same, so that the advantage of Friday's free practice was here again. Even one more controlled practice was added on. But long story short. Let's hit the track.

2wd Buggy Stock: Matus Benetin belongs to top drivers in 2WD Buggy Modified class. So, the Stock variation was probably just a piece of cake for him. After just two finals he secured overall victory in front of Tristan Hackl. Juraj Hudy completed the TOP3.

2wd Buggy Modified: Jessica Palsson did very well. She dominated the racing field from the early beginning. Setting TQ pace she continued with winning A1&A3. On the other hand, there really happened a lot behind her. After numerous position changes and driver errors Max Götzl moved form 7th on the grid up to runner up spot. Hupo Hönigl also improved and ended up as third. Jörn Neumann finished fourth in front of Adam Iszay.

4wd Buggy Modified: Compared to 2WD class, the drivers in front remained almost the same as they started. Martin Bayer probably kept his luck for this class as he transformed TQ to overall victory. Bartek Zambrzycki was not far, but a few small driver errors cost him more than runner-up spot. Jessica Palsson took the third position in front of her Schumacher fellow Jörn Neumann and Max Götzl finished as fifth.

GT Stock 17.5T: Lukas Vopat finally tasted the deserved victory after competing close to the top spot during the whole season. Although Günter Krausgruber was fast, there was a lack of precision in technical parts of track costing him chance to compete with Lukas. Maty Knopp keeps getting better and his third place was just a proof of this fact. Marcel Pietsch was fourth in front of Ivo Gombik.

FWD: Werner Spannbruckner lead the racing field for the majority of time. Even though Alexander Mayer won the A1, Werner took the control back in both A2&A3 and brought the victory home. Alexander was second and Michal Bok finished third.

Formula: Very competitive class keeping almost 40 names on its attendance list was really nice to watch. Lukas Hoch set the fastest pace and continued by dominating qualies and finals. Thomas Dvorszky made it to the second spot and Simon Horak tried his best on the third position. Manuel Trinko got out of TOP3 after finals and finished fourth in front of Werner Spannbruckner.

Pro Stock 13.5T: Oliver Havranek missed some drivers that he could call a competition. No surprise he won the event by running just 4 heats out of 6. However, the runner-up spot was still free to pick. Both Tim Schulte and Michel Zierold had their premiere on Mibosport Cup series and it ended up in a great way. Tim finished second in front of Michel. Karel Kratochvil had to satisfy himself with fourth position and Radko Cernohous was fifth.

Modified: Oliver Havranek was the fastest one even in the queen of onroad classes. But it was not that easy here. Matej Sulc held the TQ spot after qualifications. But after all he did not manage to keep Oliver behind him and finished second. Petr Grof secured third position and Kuba Simurda was fourth in front of Martin Kratochvil.