New cooling fan mount for BD8/BD7-2016
18.1.2017 14:50:09

New from Yokomo comes this super smart fan mount designed specifically for the BD8/BD7-2016 platform. Able to accommodate popular fan s ...

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Manual for Rear toe control system for BD8 and BD7-2016
3.1.2017 13:09:27

Please find below the manual for Yokomo’s new Rear Toe Control System (RTC). The new system is compatible with the new BD8 platform as well as the 201 ...

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New expected items for BD8/BD7 and YZ-2 available next Wednesday
23.12.2016 12:14:38

Yokomo have released Rear Toe Control System which is cousable at BD8-2017 and BD7-2016 as well. This optional item is possible to control the to ...

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YOKOMO release the extra hard suspension arm for BD7 and BD8
30.11.2016 14:47:55

This is INTENDED for Increasing the steering response in order to Increase the speed cornering at high grip surface condition. For best balance s ...

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Brand new BD8-2017 Black Series AVAILABLE NOW
10.11.2016 23:16:28

 The long-awaited World's winning BD8 kits are AVAILABLE NOW!  ...

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