Yokomo Offroad support at Mibosport Cup
20.10.2016 13:26:58

Team Yokomo Offroad Duo from UK - Lee Martin and Tom Cockerill - will attend Mibosport Cup R1 29. 10. You can look forward to advices and tips about c ...

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BD8-2017 Toe-angle and Sus-mount chart
17.10.2016 13:05:52

Check Toe-angle and Sus-mount chart  for new bushing type suspension mounts in brand new Yokomo BD8-2017 which coming very soon. ...

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IIC Vegas 2016 is in the books
8.10.2016 18:31:18

The 2016 International Indoor Championships - IIC is in the books. The first carpet race heading into the indoor season, this year's IIC attracted a s ...

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Yokomo YD-4 MR
6.10.2016 12:39:06

Our flagship AWD drift chassis the YD-4 achieved its first victory at the D1:10 World Championships in Holland 2015, proving its amazing capabili ...

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Yokomo BD8´2017 Black Series
26.9.2016 8:00:24

Introducing the next evolution in Yokomo's legendary line of 1/10th scale touring cars. The 2016 IFMAR World Championship winning, BD8. ...

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