MIBO Stealth Magnetic Front Body Mount for Drift

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Adjustable aluminum front body mount for drift cars with strong 10mm magnets and hidden structure for clean look of the chassis.

The MIBO Stealth Magnetic Front Body Mount offers a unique and innovative solution for attaching the body shell to the chassis, that is now completely invisible.

Like other magnetic body mounts, it removes holes and body clips from the bodyshell, but unlike them, it now removes visible parts from the chassis as well.

Its aluminum structure is mounted on the inner side of the body, so the chassis keeps a sleek look. Without any posts, or even without front bumper, if you want. Just use a pair of the included magnets as washers under screws in a suitable location.

It offers a wide range of adjustments to fit almost any combination of chassis and bodyshell. Featuring variable spacing for magnets, height and angle of the mounting plate, it can be attached by lexan-friendly glue, or double-sided tape.

And when tightened properly, it becomes so sturdy, you will never need to worry about it getting loose.

  • Sturdy aluminum structure
  • Wide range of adjustability
  • Self-locking nuts
  • 2 pairs of strong 10x3mm magnets included
  • Set of extra spacers for height adjustment included
  • Maximum spacing between magnets: 39 mm
  • Maximum height: 45 mm (possible to extend by using longer screws, etc.)
  • Minimum height: 15 mm
  • Mounting plate dimensions: 25 x 18 mm

Necessary equipment: Glue for lexan (i.e. #BIS35807, nebo #BIS14630), or double-sided tape (not included).